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The garden has become a beautiful part of our town, because of the amazing volunteers that make it happen.

If you fancy volunteering your time, then there is something to suit everyone! Get in touch to find out more, as we don't meet that regularly at the moment! 

A snapshot of our daily and weekly activities:

Daily Jobs

Water garden /yard/on days it doesn’t rain May to Oct

Litter pick each morning

Put away cars, dinosaurs etc

Top up bee and animal water containers

Pick beans/peas/tomatoes/courgettes when ready

Check the Book Tree/library


Weekly Jobs 

Liquid feed all plants in garden and patio

Deadhead plants

Take offshoots off tomato plants

Pull up weeds in garden

Check plants for aphids/eggs and remove

Check book tree: for ongoing book levels and damage

Blooming Old Gardener Blog

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