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A look back at Christmas 2022

Date: 11th December 2022

We have not had the best luck in the garden when it comes to Christmas Trees, although they have looked temporarily beautiful, mother nature has had her wicked way with them. For a few years we tried fake trees, which led to daily tasks of re pegging trees, picking up stray baubles and tinsel gone awry.

Then in 2021, thanks to funding from Halton Borough Council, we installed a beautiful real tree, unfortunately the poor thing was battered by an onslaught of storms and just didn’t stand a chance to grow its roots and hang on! It was more than a bit heartbreaking having to saw her up, but lessons learnt there (we kept the pompoms though).

So for Christmas 2022 we needed to do something different, and focus on what has worked in previous years. So we decided to focus some of our Old Town Bloom on Tour energy into investigating

We were also looking at what other projects are doing in regards to plastic waste, and visited Plastic Tactics at Does Liverpool, to see what they do with plastic. It was fascinating to see what marvellous things they create and we recommend you checking them out.

After our visit we were inspired to revisit our pallet Christmas tree idea and create a new one! We had been saving up bottle tops since before the pandemic and needed to use them for something. Luckily Rachael had sone dinosaur supervision on a freezing day to keep her motivated!

We also decorated the garden with pom poms - which are surprisingly great to use outdoors. We bring them after Christmas, dry them out and use them again. A frost fairy visited the garden not long after we hung them, and added this beautiful magic to the garden!

We added some outdoor lights (unfortunately battery, need some good solar ones!) - and we think the final results looks rather magical.

Thanks as always to all our brilliant volunteers that make the garden look so magical!

We are also convinced that the dinosaurs have more fun than us!

Old Town Bloom on Tour has been funded by the LCR Combined Authority - Community Environment Fund.

You can also find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter - so follow along as we go on our adventures

Did you know that you can also follow along with other projects funded by the LCR Combined authority - Community Environment Fund - including our friends VPET!

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