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A weed is a plant that has mastered every survival skill

A weed is a plant that has mastered every survival skill except for learning how to grow in rows.Doug Larson

And our weeds grow everywhere. We have been trying to weed regularly, holding extra volunteer sessions each week. But it’s an uphill struggle, with the mixture of sunshine and rain we have been having, and that they seem to love. We had a weedathon session and filled a large bagful.

New in the garden this week we have rabbit ears popping out of a watering can. This is all part of the Peter rabbit story theme in the vegetable garden. Beans are now ready to be picked, along with courgettes and lots of salad stuff. I also picked the first of our pak choi. I thought I’d better get to them before they were completely eaten up by the slugs and bugs that have been munching bits out of them. Let’s hope they don’t find the first of the kale I’ve just planted…..

The W.I. corner is looking very pink and purple. They have added troughs of flowering plants to their painted pallets, making it even more colourful. More sunflowers have appeared round the garden too. Our first sunflower is in flower by the bird feeder. And a small group of poppies have appeared in the grass.

We often get fungi growing in the storytelling circle. But midweek we found some really unusual shaped ones amongst the wooden toadstools. They looked like daisies, I thought.

I thought someone was picking the purple gooseberries, which are ready to eat. Then during the week I noticed our friendly blackbird feasting on them. The blackbirds seem to be feeding their young at the moment, as they often have mouthfuls of worms when they perch on the garden wall. I was going to photograph the gooseberries today, but they all seem to have gone. I think a human has decided to pick them before the blackbird gets them all.

I’ve had a go at topiary this week too. I was really hoping one of the other volunteers would try. I tried to make a peacock a couple of years ago and it was unrecognisable. So I was hoping some else would have a go. Anyway I’ve been told it looks like one this time. I’ll leave you to judge!

We are playing Boules in the garden on Wed during our volunteer session. Anyone can join in and you don’t need to have played before. It’s easy to play and I’m hoping the undulating grass won’t be too much of a handicap...

The Blooming Old Gardener

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