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April prepares her green traffic light and the world thinks Go

April prepares her green traffic light and the world thinks Go.
Christopher Morley

The bug hotel is built now and already has a few guests, including a few slugs. Adding things to the hotel will be ongoing, as the twigs and logs break down. We particularly need more pine cones, so feel free to bring some along and pop them in to one of the crevices. We also need a name for the hotel, so if any kids have ideas for a good name we would love to know. Pop your suggestions into the box in the Book Tree or onto the Old Town Bloomers Facebook page.

I am not sure if I have mentioned it before, but the garden has a resident cat. Actually he is a wild one living in the empty building next door and he leaves us occasional gifts of creatures he has caught. No birds though, thank goodness. We had been worried because there had been no sign of him since the autumn and thought that he may not have survived the cold weather. Well, he was spotted sunbathing last week, so he is still around.

This week I have started re-potting. A lot of the shrubs we were given last year need bigger pots and a good feed before they go into their more permanent place in the garden. Also some of the first seedlings are big enough to go into individual pots. The tomatoes and cucumber have been done so far. Lots more to do.

I recently paid a visit to the garden centre at Marbury Park for a few ideas. Rows and rows of different plants and some interesting trellises and bamboo shapes. It was very difficult not to get carried away and buy loads. However we rely on donations for most of our plants for the garden and are growing a lot more from seed this year too. Apparently one of the volunteers has 20 trays on his window ledges at home…

The Blooming Old Gardener

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