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Gardening adds years to your life and life to your years.

“Gardening adds years to your life and life to your years.” — Unknown

Gardening is generally seen to be good for people. Aiding with mental and physical health. I certainly find it helps me and I think this quote describes it well. Many people come and sit in the garden to un-stress or just relax. Helping in the garden even if it is only doing a bit of weeding when you pop in is quite therapeutic too. And when our volunteers meet up for sessions they have fun working together as a team as well as having a chat over tea.

Volunteers are still having a busy time in the garden. We are gradually doing a bit of painting and trying to keep up with watering when we can. We are being judged by the RHS at the end of July and need the garden to look good for them, as well as our other visitors, of course.

Odd things are also appearing in the garden for our children’s book theme.. John has produced some Beatrix Potter pictures on wood for the garden. So look out for these. And a rabbit appears to be trying to get out of the veg garden. I wonder why?

The veg garden is starting to look good. The radishes and salad leaves are being eaten by humans. I am re-sowing every couple of weeks, so we have a regular supply. I was pleased to be the first to get to the ripe strawberries too. Lovely and flavoursome. The beans and peas and growing high. And the pak choi and leeks are growing amongst the weeds.

The perpetual spinach has been growing well and being picked regularly while it’s still young. But it looks like it has a leaf burrowing insect, so I am going to spray it with neem to try and prevent more. The crab apple trees seem to have a leaf problem. Parts of leaves are turning brown as though they are burnt. Anyone any idea what is causing this? Is it just that they need more water?

I’ve been putting pots of lavender round the veg garden. This is a companion planting method. Apparently the smell of the lavender confuses bugs and they go away. We are hoping to use the lavender buds and flowers to make things with this year. Hand scrub, lavender bags and bag bags perhaps.

Bugingham Palace, our bug hotel has a very colourful roof at the moment. The plants are in flower and it really brightens up that whole area. Talking of bugs (sort of). I’ve found out where the snails have been hiding. They are fat and living in the tub with a crab apple tree, hiding under thyme.

The Blooming Old Gardener

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