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If April showers should come your way

If April showers should come your way, they bring the flowers that bloom in May. Buddy de Sylva

Well, Easter is over and I feel that spring is happening now. We’re having April showers, but some sunshine at last and temperatures are on the up.

April is a busy month, with lots more garden tidying, seed sowing, repotting and preparation for new layouts in the garden. We seem to have lost all the geraniums and most of the fuchsias we tried to overwinter. But the violas are still going and it looks like some of last year’s bedding plants may have re-seeded. Some weed prevention fabric has just been put down along the wall ready for the bark chippings that we are to receive soon. We will be putting containers on top, ready for planting, when we find a free compost supplier.

There have been a couple of sessions painting containers for the garden. This has really brightened them up. We are always looking out for large containers and donations of paint. We are hoping to paint the railings at the front of the garden soon, which I think will make a big difference too.

I’m very excited about work finally starting on the bug hotel in the garden. This is in a sheltered area that doesn’t get much rain, so isn’t the best place for plants and flowers. But I am sure all sorts of creepy crawlies will love it. Volunteers from 1st Weston Scouts worked really hard and built the hotel using some pallets that we had collected. They filled gaps with bricks, tiles, branches, drilled logs, canes, pine cones etc. When they were working on it a spider ran inside and a slug was found, so there are residents already.

The Blooming Old Gardener

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