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If you would be happy for a month

If you would be happy for a month, kill a pig; but if you would be happy all your life, plant a garden. ~ Chinese Proverb

With the sunny weather we’ve been having, I’ve noticed a lot of people using the garden this week. It makes me feel all the hard work is worth it, when you hear people saying how lovely it is. Despite it being next to the High Street and traffic, it is very peaceful to sit in.

I’ve spent this week trying to keep the veg seedlings I have at home, healthy in this hot weather. The seeds that were planted in April didn’t do very well and most had to be re-sown in May. Generally these came up, but many have been munched by snails. Luckily other volunteers also have seedlings to look after, so between us I am hoping we will have quite a variety to plant out.

The hanging baskets I made a couple of weeks ago are settling in. The two with flowers in are growing well. The strawberries aren’t looking too bad and some have started making fruits now. The tomatoes are still ok, Cherry Kisses, a small growing variety for tubs. Cherry cascade which can grow as a tumbling variety. I haven’t grown either variety before, but this year is one for trying out new things.

On Friday we had well needed rain. But of course this was the day we would have preferred it to be dry. Firstly, in the morning there was a ‘urban sketching’ class based in and around the garden for about 10 of us. This was run by Julia Midgley who showed us how to sketch figures. It was really fun doing quick sketches outside onto post-its, even if it was pouring with rain. Quite challenging doing it so small and on to wet paper.

In the afternoon we had 5 tons of top soil delivered to the garden to fill all our empty containers. Saturday we will be positioning veg tubs and other containers round the garden. Then volunteers are coming for a session to fill them with top soil mixed with plant food and water granules.

The garden will be changing a lot over the next month as all the containers get filled with the plants we have been growing and the bulbs that have died down, get taken away. So keep popping in and seeing what we are up to.

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