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Lots of Socks!

A lot of different flowers make a bouquet.

Today is World Down's Syndrome Day for 2018

From the beginnings of 'Old Town Bloom' we wanted to use the garden to raise awareness about some of the amazing groups that are active in our local community, and reflect the diversity and inclusion that goes on.

Why socks? Well, because chromosomes apparently look like socks and people with Down’s syndrome have an extra chromosome! “Lots of Socks” is acknowledged around the world as being associated with Down’s syndrome.

Little Free Library - In the book tree

We chose this book for the library, thanks to Tina from Halton's Scope Face 2 Face group, asking her network of parents for recommendations.

My Friend Has Down Syndrome

This book was also mentioned by one of the parents and leads to a brilliant website called 'Include Us From The Start'

and Scope have this amazing resource of other books, which is great! Check out the link here: Children's Books and Resources.

Local Resources that may be of use:

Scope Face 2 Face Halton

Cheshire Down Syndrome Support Group

Halton Parent Partnership

Halton Disability Partnership

Halton Speak Out

Ella Performance

Halton Carer's Centre

I can't leave today's post, without linking to this beautiful video :)

Happy World Down Syndrome Day 2018!


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