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They say the March Hare's Mad

They say the March Hare's mad, but I would disagree. He's just jumping up and down upon a spring time spree.
Terry Hoffman

Did you see the page in the council magazine ‘Inside Halton’ that was all about our garden? Fame at last!

We are looking for more volunteers. So if you fancy helping, let us know. Although Friday morning is our usual time to get together as a team, some volunteers prefer to just adopt an area and look after it at times that suit them. And others just pop in when they are passing to do weeding and deadheading. We also need small teams of volunteers just to do the feeding and watering over dry periods. And of course others use their practical and creative skills to make things we can use in the garden. Email me if you need to know more, or just turn up for our Friday session 10am-12.

It’s been a busy month, with lots of preparation and sowing. Volunteers have been adopting seeds by taking them home and growing them there. All my window ledges and even a bed are covered in seed trays at home. Does that make it a seed bed, I wonder?

I’ve been tidying up plants that have made it over the winter. Cutting off dead bits and throwing away plants that haven’t survived. Most of the fuchsia cuttings I took at the end of last year seem to be ok. But I don’t think the geraniums have been very successful.

The last of the purple sprouting is in the veg garden ready to be picked. Needs to be eaten soon, so we can start to sow more seeds. We still have red onions and garlic too, but that still needs a few more months.

I had my hair cut recently and left the hair for the birds to use for nest making. I also left out some purple fluff for them. So if you see birds in a purple nest, or a curly one, you know where they got it from!

I’m getting quite attached to my wormery at home. I’ve had my worms for a few weeks now. They have been fed a supply of kitchen waste, shredded paper and cardboard. As this rots down they feed on it and turn it into compost. It takes up to a year before you get useable compost, but it’s worth the wait and it’s free. I have to make sure that I don’t overfeed them though. If you don’t see worms on top of the waste they don’t need more food. If you see a few on top they are there wondering why they haven’t been fed recently.

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