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Though, February is short, it is filled with lots of love and sweet surprises

“Though, February is short, it is filled with lots of love and sweet surprises” Charmaine J Forde

There are lots of sweet surprises in the garden at the moment. Early flowering bulbs, like crocus and snowdrops. Winter shrubs in flower. There’s spinach, kale, winter lettuce and cabbage ready to pick. So, if you can avoid the storms, it’s still worthwhile to pay the garden a visit.

Why not pick a sprig of rosemary from the herb border. Add some to apple slices in batter to make apple fritters. Its Fritter Thursday on the 27th.

At home I have been growing herbs and peppers ready for the Bloomers garden. And I’ve just sown some broad beans, something we’ve not grown before. Meanwhile, the mild winter has confused some plants. My blackcurrant cuttings are in flower!

This year is a Leap Year, and the 29th Feb is a popular day for women to propose to the one they love. Apparently the tradition was started by St Brigid who haggled with St Patrick to balance men and women’s traditional roles. One year in four doesn’t seem that balanced to me though. By the way, if any of you are thinking of taking advantage of the Leap Year, wear a red petticoat when you propose. Apparently if you flash it at your partner, you are more likely to be accepted. At one time it was illegal for a man to turn down a women’s Leap Year proposal. But this was changed to the man having to buy her gloves at Easter if he didn’t accept the proposal. I have five pairs of gloves at the moment….

We’ve been re-painting the vegetable garden signs, ready to put out as things are planted. We need to make a lot more now that we have 3 Incredible Edible areas. It may be winter, but there’s still lots to do for the garden.

A few Bloomers were involved in a felting workshop this month. And guess what. They made flowers. Some bright and exotic looking blooms were created. As well as having some fun making them.

As well as the Little Library, we are finding books being left in the Bloomer’s garden. Someone has been hiding children’s books there, for people to find. I think there may be books to find all over Runcorn.

We will be spreading the word about Old Town Bloom at Halton Lea Library on the 22nd.There is a ‘Makefest’ event there, with lots of activities and groups being represented. So maybe see you there.

The Blooming Old Gardener

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