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Tubs of bulbs, Slugs and other thoughts

"The February sunshine steeps your boughs and tints the buds and swells the leaves within." - William C. Bryant

It was lovely and sunny in the garden today, so it was great to see the first signs of spring. Our tubs of bulbs are being moved to the garden now and crocus flowers are in the grass. They are even cheering up the patch where our Japanese Knot Weed grows. The local WI have also brightened up parts of the garden with knitted and crocheted flowers.

An aim this year is to find out the best way to tackle our slugs and snails, something we were very successful at growing last year. We fed them lots of the veg and annuals. There are already signs of them this year as they have munched at a rhubarb shoot. The crushed egg shells from Sues Café last year were a limited success, so I have scattered them around again. I also found some ‘slug barrier tape’ in Poundland and a packet of ‘Anti slug and snail plants’ seeds in Lidl. Not very confident that the seeds will work though. They are mainly marigolds and the slugs in my own garden love eating them. I am looking for any other anti slug suggestions to try though.

Volunteers are also on the lookout for more large pots and tubs, as well as troughs to go alongside the railings. With our aim to upcycle/recycle as much as possible, we need donations of unwanted pots etc. We can decorate them and use them within the garden.

The Blooming Old Gardener

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