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Work Experience Diary

Our work experience students from Riverside College returned in force to the garden this week! Not only did they do a brilliant job, they have written a blog entry for us - with Pictures.

Week 1: Thursday 23rd of September 2021:

Today the students attended Runcorn Old Town Bloomers to tidy the garden in preparation for the winter.

The students split into 3 teams, and all had different jobs to do.

Some of the highlights were tidying the book tree, moving the big plant pots in pairs, picking some vegetables and tomatoes, tidying the boarders, the peter rabbit sketch was an inspiration for art projects, collecting pinecones and one student oversaw taking pictures.

After attending the garden, the students had a cooking session, they used the herbs and cabbage they picked in a chicken pie. Delicious!

The ice cream treat at the end was very welcome after working so hard.

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