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A late summer garden has a tranquillity found

"A late summer garden has a tranquillity found no other time of the year." - William Longgood On a dry day the Bloomers garden is a tranquil place to be. Sitting listening to the bees and birds. Although I can’t sit for long, as I keep seeing things that need doing, a bit of weeding or something that needs cutting back or deadheading. Actually, I keep a garden chair there now, so I can sit down as I work round the garden, much easier than bending. The weather is more autumnal now, so I’m wearing a mac in the garden too. I must look an odd sight to those who are passing, but there are those who say I look an odd sight most of the time. We’ve had some very productive Sunday Bloomer sessions.

September days are here

"By all these lovely tokens, September days are here with summer's best of weather, And autumn's best of cheer."  Author Unknown Well, September is here, and it’s the beginning of the meteorological autumn. The weather last month was very mixed. One week we were frantically watering the garden in our sunhats. The next week we were in our macs and wellies. And, of course, we had some damage from the gales too. The combination of sun and rain led to most plants growing well. Particularly the weeds. So we had a big weed pulling session mid-month and some smaller ones each week. There are less volunteers around to help in the summer, so these small sessions are important in keeping the garden ma

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